How to Attach Bait in Stardew Valley

There are only a few indie games that have been as charming as Stardew Valley in the past decade. It is entertaining and invigorating to build your own farm and collect resources.

Yet there is one aspect of Stardew that is more intense than the usual farming and even fighting. You guessed it, fishing.

And, although this minigame will get your blood pumping, it can take a while to complete. That’s why you’ll want to make it worthwhile.

So, make sure you’re ready to catch the biggest fish by learning How to Attach Bait in Stardew Valley.

How to Attach Bait in Stardew Valley

First, players need to upgrade their rod to one that has a slot for bait in order to bait it. Bamboo Fishing rods are an excellent way to learn how to fish in Stardew Valley and level up your skill.

However, you cannot use bait with these rods. Meanwhile, there is a bait slot on either the Fiberglass Rod or the Iridium Rod when a player upgrades to either of those rods.

How to Attach Bait using Xbox Controller

For the Xbox version of Stardew Valley, pressing A on the bait will pick up the whole stack.

If you want to pick up individual pieces, press X. And, then press the X key to attach the bait to the rod once you have selected the appropriate amount.

How to Attach Bait using PlayStation Controller

With the PlayStation controller, press the X button to pick up an entire stack of bait or the Square button to pick up a single piece.

Press ‘Square’ on the fishing rod once again when the bait is selected to attach it.

How to Attach Bait using PC

You can pick up bait by left-clicking and then right-click to use your fishing rod.

You can attach smaller amounts of bait to a fishing rod by right-clicking until the desired amount is selected. After that, right-click on the rod.

How to Attach Bait using Nintendo Switch Controller

With a Nintendo Switch controller, select the entire bait stack by pressing A.

Alternately, press Y to select them individually. To attach the bait, press Y over the rod once the bait has been selected.

How to Attach Bait using iOS and Android

A mobile device allows you to attach bait by clicking and dragging the bait item or stack onto the fishing rod.

Final Words

Stardew Valley’s fishing rods are interesting to the bait. As bait does not necessarily increase the chances of landing a specific fish.

But instead, players can catch fish more quickly or even influence the type of fish they can catch.

Even so, players are entirely capable of catching all the fish they want without ever having to bait their hooks. And, although these baits have some unique benefits, most people find them worth using.

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