How to Age Wine in Stardew Vallley (Guide)

This article will explain how wine can be aged in Stardew Valley. Wine is one of many products in the game that can be used to make money.

how to age wine in stardew valley

But, the journey of wine in Stardew Valley doesn’t end with just producing wine. It can also be aged. And, the quality of the wine will increase by one level each time it is aged.

How to Age Wine in Stardew Valley

The player will be able to age wine and other artisan goods after they unlock and purchase the final upgrade for the farmhouse, the cellar.

Casks can also be crafted and placed down in the cellar. These are used to age the wine. This contributes to a higher level of quality in artisan products.

And, when you purchase the 100,000g cellar, 33 casks will automatically be included with it. As with other farmhouse upgrades, you can purchase this upgrade from Robin.

Aging the Wine

The next step is to actually age the wine. You can age any type of wine once you have made it. All you have to do is select the item from your inventory.

It must be in your character’s hand. Then, walk over to the cask and select it. Now your character will need to fill the cask with wine.

And, it will begin to age. After that, there is no more maintenance to be done. Leaving the wine to age naturally allows you to focus on other important farm tasks.

Taking Wine Out of the Cask

The cask will be marked with a marker when the wine has finished and reached the next quality level, so it’s ready to be taken out.

The cask will allow you to take the aged wine out of it so that it can be either shared with another player or sold for profit. Also, keep in mind that many NPCs in Stardew Valley love or enjoy receiving wine as a gift.

It is possible to hit the cask with any tool in order to remove wine from the cask before it has finished aging. You can get the wine out of the casks earlier by hitting the cask with a tool such as an axe.

Once you do that, you’ll get the wine back as is. If you hit it with a tool, the cask will not be broken, so no problem in doing that.

Should You Age Wine use Casks?

The quality and pricing of artisan goods, including wine, are similar to those of other game items. As a result of the silver quality, a base item will cost 1.25x more than gold, 1.5x more than gold, and 2x more than iridium.

For example, if the original price for a product like the IPA is 200g, it would cost 250g for silver, 300g for gold, and 400g for iridium.

Many players don’t think it’s worth selling wine after it has aged for so long. The iridium level of a bottle of wine is reached after 56 days of aging in casks.

The item’s price is doubled at this point. Stardew Valley takes two seasons to complete. Considering nothing else needs to be done once you have placed the wine in the casks.

You can see what kinds of items can be aged in a cask in the following table from the Stardew Valley Wiki. Maybe the table will make you think about choosing artisan goods instead of aging wine.

Making Casks for the Cellar

You will also be able to craft more casks for aging wine once you have unlocked the wine cellar. There are no more than 33 wine barrels included with the farmhouse upgrade.

More casks can be crafted by collecting 20 Wood and 1 hardwood. And, axes can be used to cut down regular trees to get wood. Stumps and mines can be used to gather hardwood.

The crafting menu is the same as for other craftable items in the game. The casks can be constructed just about anywhere in Stardew Valley, but they can only be actually used to age products like wine if they are placed in the cellar of a farmhouse.

But, currently, casks can only be used in the cellar.

Final Words

This is all about how to age wine in stardew valley. We hope that you have got valuable information about doing so.

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