How to Activate Forsaken Power in Valheim

Base-building, hunting animals, and gathering resources will be your tasks in Valheim.

There is, however, a special twist to this game that makes it even better: bosses.

You will first encounter the Eikthyr, the game’s first boss.

The Eikthyr Trophy and Hard Antler will be yours after you defeat this aggressive Stag boss.

In addition, you can also get Eikthyr’s Forsaken Power, which will grant you additional buffs when activated.

how to activate forsaken power in valheim

So, let’s look at How to Activate Forsaken Power in Valheim.

How to Activate Forsaken Power in Valheim

The player in Valheim has fallen in battle on Earth and been brought to this world.

Odin has brought you to Valheim, the 10th Norse world, as one of his greatest warriors.

It is a time of peril for Valheim. Odin’s enemies are on the loose and must be stopped.

There are many smaller groups of enemies.

But, the real enemy of Odin is the forsaken creatures, and your task is to destroy them.

The game begins with a large raven dropping you off at an area called the Summoning Stones.

Five different stones have hooks and carvings on them at this mysterious group of stones.

A cryptic message describing the creature of each stone will appear when you approach it.

These stones indicate a different forsaken creature that roams Valheim.

A player can interact with the Vegvisir, located next to the trophy area, to find the first creature, Eikthyr. It is a smaller red stone.

And, in order to defeat them, the player must figure out how to counter their powerful magic and attacks.

So, make sure you are prepared if you plan to fight for a forsaken in Valheim.

Get More Forsaken Powers

Following the steps and defeating Eikthyr, you will be rewarded with some items.

You will receive the Eikthyr Trophy from Eikthyr once you have defeated them.

The trophy consists of the head and horns of Eikthyr.

And, you should return to the summoning stones at the start of your journey once you have collected this artifact.

When you open your map (m) and look for the symbol which appears to look like a few stones gathered around each other, you will find the summoning stones.

By interacting with the Eikthyr Trophy while it is still in your inventory, you can hang it up on the corresponding hook once you return here.

Press the E key to interact with Eikthyr’s head once it’s up there. In this case, you must choose Eikthyr’s forsaken power.

The steps to gain the forsaken power of the other bosses will be the same as the previous one.

As an example, after you’ve slain the second boss, The Elder, you will have access to their forsaken powers, which will allow you to cut down trees faster for a short time.

The player’s use of these powers can make all the difference in his or her battles, depending on how they are used.

If you defeat Bonemass, the third boss, you will be able to use its power.

This allows you to take less damage from all types of physical attacks for a short period of time. It’s perfect for difficult battles.

Everyone in your world has access to the forsaken powers you’ve unlocked through trophies.

If you were to join your friend’s world with your character and he defeated Moder, you would be able to summon the forsaken power of Moder from the summoning stones.

Having learned how to get and activate them, let’s rank the powers.


Future roadmaps for Valheim hint at bosses that will require elemental resistances to defeat, but Yagluth’s power varies depending on the situation.

As with the Elder’s power, this power has a five-minute duration with a 20-minute cooldown.

It also grants the player resistance to fire, lightning, and frost.

When fighting Moder a second time or visiting Valheim’s Ashlands to fight Surtlings and collect Flametal, this buff is especially valuable.

And, this buff will most likely come in handy when this Early Access game expands.

The Elder

Giant roots shoot from the Elder’s massive hands, summoning whipping roots and barbed roots.

And, although the boss itself is incredibly dangerous and scary, its abilities are not as useful as players might hope.

It can be used for five minutes with a 20-minute cooldown to cut trees, logs, and stumps down faster.

And, even though this buff has a small AOE, other players may be able to benefit from it if they are standing close to the player who activates it.

Still, the Elder’s Valheim power is not as useful as others.


The first boss players will fight is Eikthyr, the lightning-powered elk god who rules the Meadows.

A player’s stamina is reduced by 60% when running and jumping are activated.

The player can also buff friends around them, similar to the Elder’s power because its AOE is quite small.

There is a five-minute cooldown period following the power.

It is still enough to get you where you need to go or to help you in a difficult situation.

But, there are some limitations to Eikthyr’s Forsaken power. Running up steep hills will not reduce stamina usage.

Additionally, it will not override the limitations of the Encumber status.

Fortunately, this power does not have an infinite cooldown; if a group of four players is close enough to each other, everyone can keep getting buffed all the time.


Mountain Biome’s icy queen, Modeer, grants players the ability to sail fast.

With this buff, players who are trying to outrun Valheim’s dangerous sea serpents will receive five minutes of guaranteed tailwinds while sailing.

This buff also has a 20-minute cooldown. As a result, it is not as useful as it could be.

The wind speed is also not increased as a result.

In light winds, players won’t gain any additional power from the wind in their sails.

However, it does speed up and make sailing more interesting than the boring process of sailing.

This power does nothing outside of sailing a Valheim Karve, longship, or raft.


In Valheim, the boss of the Swamp biome, Bonemass, provides the most useful buff of all: a reduction in physical damage taken.

Sharp, slash and pierce damage are reduced substantially for players.

To protect them from non-elemental attacks by enemies, such as arrows, clubs, swords, and axes.

Several of the enemies deal elemental damage, like the oozes, blobs, and drakes, as well as the bosses.

In most cases, players will encounter NPCs who deal some form of physical damage instead.

Final Words

For five minutes, Valheim players get almost godlike abilities to survive attacks.

And, while this power has a 20-minute cooldown and no AOE so that damage reduction can be shared with friends, it still remains the best option in the game.

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