How to Find the Gun Store in Project Zomboid

When facing the zombie apocalypse, we will always have a common thought. Guns? In Dawn of the Dead and Left for Dead, weaponry is one of the most important instruments of survival.

In order to survive in Project Zomboid, you will need some weapons. You and the zombies will not have a fair fight.

How to Find the Gun Store in Project Zomboid

In this guide, we will begin by saying the following. It is possible to find guns in many places within Project Zomboid. Houses and police stations fall into this category. It is possible to find guns in everything from garden sheds to bars by doing your own searching.

Additionally, there are even mods that allow the addition of guns to military bases and similar areas in the game, so it is possible to have them in such places. It is a good idea to stock up on ammunition and weapons at the gun store as it is one of the best places to do so.

How to Find the Gun Store in Project Zomboid

Of all places, West Point has a gun store. Having a map of West Point already does half the work. Despite not being marked on the map, the gun store is at the top right.

You can see a map of the area in the image above. Two buildings can be seen to the right. The green building on the left is the gun store.

How to Get Into the Gun Store

Standing in front of the door of the store will make it difficult for you to enter. Metal gates guard the entrance to the gun store inside the front door and on the left wall.

It is generally best to enter the gun store through the entrance. There is only one way to get the job done, which is to use the sledgehammer.

Using a Sledgehammer to Get into the Gun Store

Getting into the gun store requires a sledgehammer in Project Zomboid. There is no other way to get in the building as the front fence cannot be unlocked or broken down using any other means other than this one. Browse through the industrial buildings to see what you can find.

There is a high probability that sledgehammers will breed inside a warehouse or other building that contains crates. After you have obtained one, you can enter the gun store’s front door.

Once you have the sledgehammer, right-click on the wall. Select Destroy. Move your cursor over the metal fences to select them.

There is a lot of noise associated with the use of a sledgehammer. It is also likely that enemies will hear you if you destroy a wall in an area where they are present. The door should be boarded up before using a sledgehammer.

Just like that, it’s done. The gun store of Project Zomboid is now open to you. Don’t forget to bring a large bag, as well as a car if necessary. You can loot a lot here.

You will also find weapons on the shelves and cabinets. The back room behind the counter is also worth checking. Katanas are most commonly found in the back room.


Where can I find guns and ammo in Project Zomboid? How to get them?

Gun stores or police stations are the best places to find guns. Police station armories can have firearms as well as melee weapons, while gun stores will almost certainly stock guns somewhere. You should also be able to take plenty of ammo from gun stores.

The gun store is located on the northeastern corner of West Point. Players can use a sledgehammer to break into the gun store.

Where is the m16 in Project Zomboid?

Military bases house the m16 in their armories, or it’s sometimes found as a special display in gun stores. No vehicles or zombies spawn it.

Where is the sledgehammer Project Zomboid?

Sledgehammers can be found in West Point by looting crates. As sledgehammers do not appear as frequently as other weapons and tools, this is probably the best way to obtain one. It is wise for you to look for warehouse buildings that are filled with crates so that you can check them out

Final words

The gun store has no other way of entering or leaving unless you make one yourself.

Zombies may trap you inside a gun store if you enter with them following you. This is how you gain access to Project Zomboid’s gun shop.

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