How to Get Gold in Cryofall

Gold has been an indicator of wealth throughout history. A survival colony simulator like Cryofall does not differ from this in any way. Resources such as gold can be found, processed, and crafted. But where can you find gold in Cryofall. Can you craft anything with it? Continue reading.

How to Get Gold in Cryofall

The player in Cryofall has access to a variety of resources, including gold. There are two types of gold: gold nuggets and gold ingots. Crafting uses the latter. Cryofall’s gold is made from nuggets. Using the means listed further down, you will be able to find this item in the world. 

These nuggets can be processed into ingots using the furnace production facility. The gold ingots can then be used in a variety of crafting recipes.

In addition to gold ingots, gold nuggets can be used to further craft recipes. To craft with them, they must be transformed into ingots. As with copper and iron, this metal is similar to others in the game. Rare and expensive, gold is a precious metal. The same as in real life

Get Gold in Cryofall

In Cryofall, getting gold is pretty difficult. Playing passively may have already given you some. There is a possibility that you don’t even know where it came from. Every mineral rock in Cryofall can be mined for gold. Gold nuggets can be gained every time you mine one of the resources. 

Copper ore and coal ore rocks are examples of such resources. Gold nuggets are currently found in this way 1 in 50 times.

Also, salt, clay, and sand resources have a small chance of containing gold nuggets. There is a 1 in 100 chance of this happening. Cryofall’s world events are the best way to get gold. During the meteorite world event, you can get gold nuggets by mining an asteroid.

Getting Gold From the Meteorite World Event

Meterorite having gold nuggets

Every once in a while, a world event will appear on TV. Hunting opportunities and scavenging rare items are examples of these events. An example of such an event is the meteorite event, where meteorites are randomly scattered. With a pickaxe, you can mine these meteorites in these areas.

When this event occurs, head to the area marked on the map. This will only happen in certain areas of the map. As shown above, you will need to search the radius for the meteorite. It is always found that meteorites contain gold nuggets, iron ore concentrate, and copper ore concentrate. You just need to find them. You can then mine them for minerals. Gold nuggets can be obtained this way in the game.

Getting Gold From the Pragmium Queen

cryofall gold from the Pragmium Queen
Beating The Pragmium Queen unprepared is very difficult

The Pragmium Queen is another way to get gold. The north east side of the map spawns a large boss creature during this world event. You will receive some gold nuggets if you and your team defeat this boss. 

You should be aware that this is a very difficult task. A tier 4 player should only attempt this if he or she has a lot of firepower. You should bring as many players as possible.

Gold Used for in Cryofall?

In Cryofall, gold is considered a late-game item. It won’t be necessary for you to craft with gold until very late on. The purpose of most recipes that include gold is purely aesthetic.

To create ingots you’ll need salt and potassium nitrate
To create ingots you’ll need salt and potassium nitrate

In a furnace, you must first craft gold ingots. Every gold ingot requires 10 nuggets of gold, 25 salt, and 10 potassium nitrate. The smelting of each gold ingot will take 5 minutes.

You’re ready to craft once you have some gold ingots! Cryofall uses gold ingots for two main purposes. The purpose of these is to create gold coins that can be traded between players. For the creation of high-tech components. 

It is fairly self-explanatory what the coins are for. Coins can be traded with other players in their trading stations. Complex late-game devices are crafted with high-tech components. Gold can also be used for a few other things.

You can view all the unlocked technologies by opening the technologies tab with the G key. You can find them under the tier 4 category. Let’s move on to Jewelry. Gold ingots are used in the crafting of many items here. There are also a lot of items here that are purely aesthetic, meaning that they don’t have any real function.

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Final Words

There isn’t much protection offered by gold armor. Leather armors offer better protection even from the earliest times. Here are some random pieces of furniture as well. A golden statue and piles of gold are just decorations. There is no other purpose for them in Cryofall.

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