How to Build Freezer / Refrigerator in Rimworld for Food

In Rimworld, you can create and manage colonies and stories. You will have to endure some rather trivial struggles if you want to build a thriving colony. In addition to random events, you will also have to deal with basic problems.

You must keep your colonists fed if you want to succeed in Rimworld. In order for a colony to be happy, it must be well fed. Happy colonies are colonies that are working well. Mental breakdowns are common in hungry colonies.

The perishability of food will become very apparent to you very quickly in Rimworld.

Not storing it properly will eventually cause it to break down. Cooling food is an effective way to keep it fresh over a long period of time. In this guide, you’ll learn how to build a working fridge/freezer in Rimworld!

How to Build a Refrigerator in Rimworld

A cooler will work perfectly as a substitute for a fridge if you cannot find or build one. Using coolers as makeshift refrigerators requires you to prepare a place where you can keep food and medical supplies that need to be preserved. Under the “Temperature” tab, you will find the coolers you wish to use.

After selecting the coolers, arrange them along the room. Place the machine inside the room with its blue side facing out. The cold air gets inside while the hot air is vented to a different location. This is presumably the best rimworld freezer design idea.

Setting the temperature of the coolers is the most important part of making a fridge in RimWorld. Food does not stay fresh simply by being placed in a cold room.

Choose the cooler you want instead by clicking on it individually. Then adjust the temperature. Either freeze or chill the food. Temperatures around 2 degrees Celsius (2 C) are recommended for food storage. This ensures that it stays fresh. Any food that you have will freeze at 0C or lower.

Cooled foods perish more slowly. However, frozen foods can last a lifetime. Remember this when determining how long you need to keep food. Furthermore, cold food will take longer to warm up if unforeseen circumstances arise.

How to Create Freezer in Rimworld

Following are the supplies you will need to create a rimworld freezer and keep food cool:

  • Power source
  • A room with a roof that is closed
  • An air conditioner. (Note: In some cases, multiple units are needed depending on the location.)

You can build a room out of any material with the structure tab in the architect menu. Insulation effects will vary between different materials. The cold will be kept out much better by stone walls than by wooden ones. Create a room with a door. This will allow your colonists to move around freely.

Open the build menu now. Under the Temperature tab, click the Cooler items. It can be used to control the room’s temperature. You will need to connect this to a power source once it is in the room. Adjust the temperature to your preference. The tutorial below demonstrates this step-by-step.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Refrigerator in Rimworld

The steps mentioned above will be broken down if there is too much information. At times, Rimworld’s user interface can be a bit confusing. Throughout this long section of the guide, you will see every step in detail. Let’s go into more detail on how to do everything.

The first step is to research the Tech.

As a starting point, it is unlikely that your colony will have access to air conditioning. Your colonists may need to research the appropriate technology first. To accomplish this, you will need to build a research table within your colony. In addition, at least one colony member has been assigned to conduct research.

At the bottom of the screen, click the research tab. If it hasn’t already been researched, research the topic Air-Conditioning and Electricity. You should wait until your researchers have finished researching the technology. The Cooler item can now be built from the menu!

Step 2. Build the Cold Room

We have now researched the technology and are ready to start building the room. As stated on the page, any material can be used for the room. Nevertheless, some materials provide better insulation than others at keeping cool temperatures inside. In terms of insulation, stone blocks are more effective than other materials, whereas wood is the least effective.

Stone blocks would be a good choice if you have a choice. Additionally, you can choose how big you want your storage room to be. It should be noted, however, that a larger room will require more power to maintain a cold temperature. Here is a picture of a simple room we are building in our colony

fridge rimworld

As the primary resource for my cold room, slate has been used. The flooring is not known to help keep the room cold. However, we have used flooring to give the colonists a speed bonus during their movement. We have now completed the construction of the fridge’s main room. Putting in the technology is the next step.

Try to keep the freezer size as small as possible. You can also follow the rimworld freezer size guide from the image below:

Step 3. Add Coolers to the Room

Now in this rimworld cooler guide, we’re going to cool the room now that it’s all set up. To drop the temperature in the room, you will need to add Coolers. You can build a cooler using the architect menu at the bottom left of the UI. Choose the Temperature option. In this list, find the Cooler item. Placing down the blueprint for the cooler will show you two colors.

Blue means you are making that wall colder. The red color indicates the cooler’s exhaust. Because this is a powered unit, creating a cold room requires the creation of a hot room on the other side. If you plan on building outside, this is negated. You can mount this anywhere on the wall you want.

If you want the blue area inside the room, make sure you point it there.

Make sure you keep the blue side on the inside

A cooler requires three components in addition to steel, as shown in the image above. We have provided some helpful guides below to assist players with difficulty locating these materials within the game. Larger rooms may require multiple coolers to remain cold. Now that we have a cooler in our refrigerator area, it is time to power up the air conditioning unit with some electricity.

Step 4. Adding Electricity

It is time to fire up the cooler now that the room is set up and the cooler is inside. It is necessary to provide constant power to your coolers in order for them to function properly. It should be clear to you by now that electricity needs to be researched. You can build this power source, and you will be able to create one of the simplest forms of electricity. That’s the wind generator.

Batteries can also be used to store electricity over time and to make your home more energy-efficient power from another source. Solar power is one example. These will show up in the architect menu once you have these.

Go to the Power section. Electricity is available here in all its forms. There is no restriction on where you can build power generators. Coolers require a power conduit (cables) to be run from the power source.

Make sure they are not too far apart. Choose the power generator of your choice and place it down. We have constructed solar generators in the image below. Constructing at least one battery to store power may also be a good idea. Keeping the cooler running at night will be difficult because solar generators do not work in the dark.

rimworld refrigerator electricity

The battery is stored in a small room we built. The battery can also be found under Power. You should connect a power generator once your battery runs down. The battery will receive excess power. A backup electricity supply is available even when the generators are not working.

In order to prevent short circuits in the rain, building these under a roof is advisable. Power conduit must be constructed. This will enable it to be connected to the battery. Batteries require direct connection to the power source, unlike devices that require a nearby power source. We can now change the settings on the cooler once it has been placed in the fridge.

Step 5. Setting the Temperature of the Room

We can now set the cooler’s temperature with power running to it. The temperature of powered air conditioners can be set at your convenience. Now that power is flowing to the cooler unit, select it. At the bottom of the screen, you should see some controls for this cooler unit.

The temperature of the room can be adjusted here. Building more units may be necessary if you intend to have a freezer. On the bottom left of the UI, you can view the current target temperature of the cooler. Please refer to the image below where a circle has been drawn.

Make sure you meet the temperature target in rimworld

The temperature can be adjusted in increments of one degree or ten degrees in each direction. The cooler unit may not be able to maintain the desired temperature in the room just because you select a certain temperature for it. Other factors will need to be considered.

The room temperature will change every time one of your colonists opens the door. It is because the outside temperature differs from the inside temperature. There is a flow of warm air into the freezer. It is possible to maintain this in a more controlled manner by building a small air-lock on the way into the cold room.

As a result of adding this small airlock, you will be able to keep the temperature much lower. It would be a great idea if colonists constantly opened the colony door.

Step 6. Set Up a Food Stockpile Zone

All the food storage setup is now complete. You should be able to refrigerate food in your room if it is at least cool enough. You’ll need to create a stockpile zone so your colonists can start storing food here. In the Architect menu, navigate to the Zone section. Make sure Stockpile Zone is selected. Identify the area in your room where food items should be stored for the colonists.

Almost every item will be included in the stockpile by default. In order to change this, we will need to make changes to the stockpile settings. We will make changes to the settings.

To ensure that this stockpile will only contain food items.

You can do this by selecting the newly created stockpile. You can find this button at the bottom left of your screen. Choosing what to store in a pile is up to you.

Put a checkmark next to the items you want to store here. You can do this by pressing the button at the top. To remove everything, click the Clear all button. Now, only allow food items. The top of this menu also allows you to decide the storage priority.

Set this stockpile’s priority level higher than any other if you want your colonists to bring food here first. All your food items will now be stored in the refrigerator for a long time!

What is the recommended rimworld refrigeration temperature?

Temperatures around 2 degrees Celsius (2°C) are recommended for food storage. This ensures that it stays fresh. Any food that you have will freeze at 0C or lower. At temperatures below 10°C (50°F), most food and plant matter items become refrigerated, slowing the spoilage process down.

How do you make a freezer in Rimworld?

It is possible to create a “walk-in freezer” by setting a cooler’s thermostat below freezing. This room stores perishable items that become frozen and cannot spoil.

How do you refrigerate food in Rimworld without electricity?

It is technically possible to freeze food without electricity if you live in an area with constant cold temperatures.

How to extend the shelf life of food in RimWorld?

You can also extend the shelf life of your food (especially meat) by cooking it into pemmican. It is also possible to research Packaged Survival Meals (PSMs), although they require electricity to research, even though they cannot be made with electricity (wood-burning stoves will suffice). There is no end to the shelf life of pemmican, and PSMs last forever (they can deteriorate very slowly, however, if left outside).

What to do if rimworld refrigeration not working?

  • Doors are the number one source of cooling loss in Rimworld. Your colonists let out cold air every time they open the door. It would be beneficial to install an “airlock,” an enclosed hallway with two doors that connects your fridge to the rest of your base. There will never be a time when both doors are open simultaneously. In addition to fridge doors, auto doors have the advantage of being less prone to allowing air to flow through, as they remain open for less time. The fridge could also be redesigned so that there is only one entrance.
  • The second reason is that the Insulation levels vary between materials. Stone or steel walls would be better than wood, and double walls would keep the cold in and heat out.


Foods that are cooled take longer to perish, whereas foods that are frozen can last for years. Keeping food for a long period requires keeping this in mind. Remember that colder food takes longer to heat up under unforeseen circumstances.

You can build your own cold storage in Rimworld with the help of this guide.

Preventing food and medicines from spoiling is no longer a problem now that you have a makeshift refrigerator.

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