Destroying Walls and Stairs in Project Zomboid

There will sometimes be too many zombie hordes. According to the legendary Zombie Survival Guide, destroying staircases if you have no other choice is a classic tip. In Project Zomboid, this tip is also prominent.

And, if you want to find juicy loot, you likely have to explore. But that locked door stands in your way. Also, destroying walls and doors in Project Zomboid is noisy. It can, however, have its uses.

destroying walls and stairs in project zomboid

Let’s know more about destroying walls and stairs in project zomboid.

How to Destroy Walls and Stairs in Project Zomboid

The only thing worse than a locked door in Project Zomboid is having to enter a building to loot. But, by bringing down a wall, you can gain access to all of that loot.

We’ll show you how to use a sledgehammer and a few other helpful hotkeys to bring you to the glory of destruction.

Destroying a Wall

You’ll need a sledgehammer to destroy a wall in Project Zomboid. Take the sledgehammer out of your inventory. Now right-click on the wall you want to knock down. Then, choose destroy wall from the menu.

After you select “Destroy”, you can then choose which wall you want to destroy. You can use the R key to pick exactly which wall you’d like to hit if you have trouble selecting the correct wall because there are other walls nearby.

Following the selection of the destroy option, you can click on as many walls as you wish to continue smashing.

Also, sledgehammering walls in Project Zomboid won’t degrade the sledgehammer’s durability. Therefore, you can smash as hard as you like. All it will do is take a toll on your character’s fatigue level.

Destroying Stairs

You can also use the sledgehammer to destroy stairs in any residential building in Project Zomboid. The player can do this to prevent enemies from gaining access to the entire top level of a building.

Simply, equip the sledgehammer tool once again to destroy the stairs. And, using the sledgehammer, select the ‘Destroy’ option from the right click menu.

Then, select the stairs by left clicking. Now, before destroying the stairs and leaving anything valuable at the top, make sure you can get up and down in another way.

Destroying Items

Also, players can break down items and furniture using the sledgehammer. With just a sledgehammer, the player can break virtually everything inside a building by doing the same thing as above, but on furniture.

Note, however, that breaking down items with tools, as opposed to using a sledgehammer, will not yield any materials to the player. So destroying something in Project Zomboid will just result in total destruction.

With the help of the sledgehammer, the player can break down walls and items to access areas they would not have otherwise been able to access.

But, if there are no windows and locked doors in storage lots, so it is impossible to enter them. An individual can also break into every storage shed if they take a sledgehammer to the storage units.

Final Words

There are a few things you should know, however. This produces a lot of noise, for one thing. Also, make sure you have a nail and some sheets with you to make a rope if you do need to retreat to higher floors.

You can use it to escape. And, to escape from a horde, right-click on an open window and simply attach these items.

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