How to Play Cryofall Single Player / Local Server

It is true that Cryofall is a multiplayer PvE/PvP game, but some players prefer to play alone. There is no single-player option on the main menu. Creating your own local server and playing alone is possible. This article explains how to set up a local server.

Playing solo or with your peers on the network is possible with a local server. Now let’s take a look at the guide.

Starting a Local Server for Cryofall

Servers are used to run all the games and worlds in Cryofall. You can choose from a list of servers in the main menu. The developers provide official servers and other players create community servers.

This game is perfect for you if you’d like to play with other players. Wouldn’t it be great if you could create your own server so you could play single-player games? It would be necessary for you to create your own server. This is easy with Cryofall.

Following the short guide below, you can set up a server in 2 minutes. For your convenience, we’ll include pictures.

Finding the Local Cryofall Files

Let’s begin by navigating to your computer’s Cryofall installation folder. We’ll be using Steam for this. By opening Steam, you will be able to find the Steam version of the game. Choose your library. From your own games list, select Cryofall. Click on Cryofall and then right-click. You can find it under the Manager menu.

When you hover your mouse over this, another menu should appear to the right. From this menu, select Browse Local Files. This is illustrated in the image below.


How to Play Cryofall Single Player/Local Sever

The folder where Cryofall is located will appear on your computer. The place we need to go is here. In this location, the local server will run. Open the following folder and look for the file named:

How to Play Cryofall Single Player/Local Sever

Join the Local Cryofall Single Player Server

Please wait for a few minutes. Then go back to playing Cryofall. The game does not have to be closed while you do this. In case you wish, the game can run in the background.

At the top of the screen, click on the Servers tab. Here you will find a list of all the servers. Here you will find a list of the servers you have created.

Click the tab to the right to find it. There needs to be an icon that looks like a paper with a plus sign next to it. Custom servers are listed here. Upon successful launch, your server will appear here.

If you don’t wait a minute or two, you won’t see it until the server has been set up. You can join it once it has been set up. It’s just a matter of selecting the local server and joining. The server can also be double-clicked.

It is possible to play single-player games on a local server. There are other options as well. You can also allow other players connected to your local network to join your server with the right setup. Cryofall runs smoothly over LAN if you intend to play it that way.

Playing Single Player using the In-Game Options

With a recent update, Cryofall’s single-player has been made much easier. Now it’s much easier with the in-game client. By navigating to the menu, you can start a world. Select Play from the main menu. It will be up to you whether you wish to play with other players on a multiplayer server or whether you wish to play your own local game.

Starting a Dedicated Server for Cryofall

A recent update to Cryofall has made it impossible to start a local server just by obtaining the game. This guide relies on information from older versions of Cryofall.

To start a dedicated server, you must download the files separately from Steam. It’s quite simple to do this, fortunately. The Dedicated Server files can be accessed by Steam owners of Cryofall.

Launch your Steam client. Access your library by navigating to it. Your game collection can be viewed here. It is necessary to download ‘Cryofall Dedicated Server’.

At the top of your library, click on the drop-down menu to find it. To see tools, you can also filter. Cryofall’s dedicated server tool should be listed under your Cryofall game list.

The tool can be run directly from Steam once it has been downloaded. Viewing its local files is also possible. Following the instructions above will help you set it up.

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