How to Get Clay in Cryofall

As part of Cryofall, a survival game with a top-down perspective, you will need to collect clay. The natural substance clay is used in construction because of its versatility. If you plan to build a large stone house, you will need a lot of clay. The good news is that we’re here to assist you in finding the best clay deposits in Cryofall. Additionally, we will discuss how you can harvest it. Additionally, it can be used for a variety of purposes.

How to Get Clay

Clay can be obtained in Cryofall fairly easily. It is first necessary to locate a lump of clay on the ground. Cryofall’s world is filled with clay scattered everywhere. Below is an image of what a lump of clay looks like in the game. Digging up clay is all it takes to get started.

Clay mining cryofall

When it comes to harvesting clay, pickaxes are the best tool. There are few tools as effective as stone pickaxes. It is impossible to harvest clay with your hands. At the bottom of your inventory, drag your pickaxe into a numbered slot. A quick bar is what this is called.

Either click the corresponding number to equip the tool or press the corresponding number to equip the tool. The pickaxe has now been equipped. Clay can now be harvested. Take a step toward the lump. The left mouse button should be clicked. It will start scratching. Once done, you will see the clay in your inventory.

What is the Best Location to Find Clay in Cryofall?

Certain areas of Cryofall contain a lot of clay. In Cryofall, you can find a variety of biomes. In these parts of the world, there are differences in the flora, fauna, and appearance.

For example, desert areas are sparse and barren. Clay is scattered throughout the game, but there are also places with no clay. In Cryofall, clay pits can be found everywhere.

An area with a large amount of clay deposits is called a clay pit. Clay pits are surrounded by reddish brown dirt, as well as clay deposits. Check the image below to get an idea:

Clay fields to find clay cryofall

This is the best place to get large amounts of clay for your game. Small reddish brown patches can be seen on your map as a result of these clay pits. There are smaller biomes within many of the larger biomes on the game map.

What is Clay Used For in Cryofall?

Clay Icon in cryofall

Among its most common uses is construction. Clay is the main ingredient in Cryofall’s cement. Constructions using this material are common in mid-game. In order to build stone walls and floors, the player needs both stone and clay. If you plan to build a large stone structure in Cryofall, you will need a lot of clay.

Clay Recipes CryoFall

The following tables highlight a few Recipes where clay is used as input material. We have also jotted down the crafting stations here.

Input Output Crafting Stations
Clay x5
 Bricks x5
 Electric Furnace
Input Output Crafting Stations
 Stone x5
 Sand x5
 Clay x5
 Dry Cement Mix x1
 Electric Furnace

Clay can also be used for building

Blueprint Total Building
 Stone x3
 Clay x3
 Stone x15
 Clay x15
 Stone Wall

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Final Words

With this guide, you should now know everything about clay in Cryofall. The best place to find clay is in the clay pits scattered across the map. Check the area near your base for clay pits. Make sure you have a pickaxe with you as well.

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