10 Best Traits in Project Zomboid Build 41

In Project Zomboid, you have a lot of choices to make.

Are you willing to risk entering the zombie-infested warehouse to get that generator?

Can you choose between the golf club and the baseball bat?

You are faced with difficult decisions right from the start of the game. Characters are mostly based on how you want them to be. 

In Project Zomboid, traits are one of the systems. You can choose whether your character has good or bad traits. Survivors can either be unlucky or fitter than average. Here is a list of my top 10 favorite Project Zomboid traits.

Best Traits in Project Zomboid Build 41

The version of the game we’re playing is build 41 on Steam. Check out this guide if you’re not already on build 41 beta. Based on my play style, I have compiled the following list. Some people may not find these traits appealing. This will be explained as we go along.

Also, Please Note that There is no order to the list.

  1. Fast Learner

Without a doubt, it’s the best project zomboid trait so far in the beginning!

This trait will help players gain more XP for their remaining skills at the beginning of the game. It makes survival easier in the tougher early stages of the game since all other skills are leveled up quicker. A couple of stats are missing from this trait, namely Strength and Fitness. The good news is you can compensate for them in other ways.

In this case, the fast learner is a no-brainer. Having this trait increases your character’s experience gain rate. Every skill gains this benefit. This skill can be stacked with the games’ books, making it incredibly useful. All skills gain 30% experience with this skill. You can apply it to your character for only 6 points!

Farming the right skills can be essential for long playthroughs spanning weeks and weeks. In other words, this trait makes the process much simpler and faster than it would otherwise. We use fast learner for characters that will survive for a long time; indeed, one of the most useful project zomboid character builds. 

  1. Thick Skinned

    project zomboid best traits
    Thick Skin- Project zomboid best trait

Let’s be honest. We all think we are very patient and careful. Until we aren’t. Project Zomboid sometimes has accidents. It is possible to get trapped in a room even without meaning to. 

There’s also the possibility of a zombie sneaking up around a corner. A bite or scratch is less likely to break your skin if you have thick skin. You don’t have to let one moment where you weren’t on point ruin your character!

This is especially useful if you don’t plan on using the stealth mechanic. This will help you feel less intimidated by those 2 or 3 zeds on the road. You may be able to live for a long time with a bit of luck. Regarding luck…

  1. Lucky

    Project zomboid lucky
    Lucky Trait – Worth 4 points

According to most players, Lucky is the best trait in the game. You will find more rare items when you loot with this trait on your character. For instance, rare items such as axes are more likely to be found. 

The game heavily relies on looting, making it an excellent skill to have. There is a bit of mystery in the description of this trait. The trait isn’t really explained.

Previously, players believed it affected your chances of getting bitten, but it does not. Loot found around the world will not be affected by the lucky train. Even so, picking this up at 4 points is a great deal.

  1. Overweight

Overweight? We heard you say that. However, that’s a negative characteristic. Sure, but positives and negatives need to be balanced. During the creation of your character, you have a limited number of points to allocate. 

You need a few bad traits to offset all the good traits in this list. This is a great place to earn some extra points. In order to acquire the overweight trait.

Body weight is also a mechanic that affects a character’s health. If your character is severely overweight or underweight, they are more likely to hurt themselves. Fortunately, this is not a permanent problem. 

Keeping a healthy diet and exercising regularly can help you lose the overweight status in a couple of in-game weeks. In my opinion, the overweight trait offers a free 6 points that can be spent on other things. This game will give you plenty of opportunities to exercise. 

  1. Strong

The Strong trait is another popular choice among the community. That’s not surprising. There are a lot of permanent bonuses that come with the strong trait. Would you like more carry weight? Done. Is knocking zombies back your thing? Done. Would you like to start strong as an ox? Done. The ability to be strong is a very valuable trait. In fact, it is one of project zomboid’s best starting traits. However, you will have to pay for it.

For a good reason, strong is at the bottom of the list of positive traits. On day one, you’re almost at Arnold’s strength with a +4 boost to your character’s strength. 

This playthrough won’t require you to search for dumbells. There are 10 points required for the strong trait. This one will require you to examine the negative traits. Let’s take a look at number 6 now.

  1. Smoker

Once again, we are in the negatives. Project Zomboid’s smoker trait is one of my favorites. Cigarettes aren’t hard to find in cities since there’s no shortage. 

You can find packs of cigarettes in almost every shop and industrial building. You get free trait points when you combine that with their lightweight nature!

You will feel happier after smoking if you have the smoker trait on. The opposite will occur, however, if you can’t find a cigarette. As mentioned previously, cigarettes are readily available around the world. Your character will gain 4 points extra if you select smoker as a negative trait.

  1. Desensitized

Wait, desensitized isn’t listed as a trait to choose? You can’t choose it because you can’t choose it. Desensitized can only be acquired by choosing a specific profession. Veteran occupation has a bonus trait along with better aiming and reloading. This trait will be automatically applied if you choose the veteran background.

desensitized zomboid

Having served in war, this character has become accustomed to blood and terrifying things. It is impossible for a veteran to get panicked at anything in this game. Taking a bite to the neck is even possible. When panicked, your character may make foolish mistakes or miss with ranged weapons. 

This trait eliminates that chance. The points will be spent, though. There are 16 skill points required for the Veteran occupation.  Would it be possible to suggest an overweight, slow-driving veteran who smokes?

  1. Outdoorsman

Due to its low cost of only two positive points, beginners might overlook this one. That’s not what you should do! You will not only have to worry about zombies in Project Zomboid. To survive, you should consider hunger, temperature, and sickness.

The air will be colder and also known during winter. Your character may be getting a cold and becoming very ill as a result. Any illness can end the run of your character in Project Zomboid. No negative effects will be experienced by your character when they are outdoors when they use Outdoorsman. 

In other words, you won’t catch a cold when you run in the rain and snow. Especially useful for those who wish to live off the land.

  1. Slow Reader

project zomboid best character build 41
Fast Forward + Slow Reader = Free Points

The slow reader has to be included since we are talking about easy points. Project Zomboid is currently only available as a single-player game. Time can be sped up if you only play as a single player. 

It is especially useful for repetitive tasks. Can you see where this is going? Reading takes a little longer doesn’t matter much since you can speed it up. Take advantage of the slow reader trait.

You will gain two extra points if you choose the slow reader negative trait. You might need them to build the ultimate survival machine. Slow readers won’t notice the difference, although they can speed up time.

  1. Burglar

As a final trait, we have burglar. The desensitized trait is another similar trait. When you select the burglar occupation, the burglar trait automatically appears. Among the game’s greatest utilities is this trait. Vehicles can be hotwired.

Hotwiring does not require you to level up your mechanics and electrics skill. A vehicle can be found when you start the game. You can hotwire a vehicle and drive it as long as it has gas and is in good condition. One of my favorite traits is this one. It is more common for us to pick a burglar instead of a veteran.

Now that we have discussed the best traits for project zomboid, let’s quickly see other possible traits that may come in handy. For this part of this article, I will break it down into the 3 Sections: the best negative traits, and the best positive traits for Project Zomboid Build 41. After that, I will discuss the best starting traits, especially for beginners (negative and positive traits).

Let’s Roll in…

Best Negative Traits Tier List in Project Zomboid

Let’s look at project zomboid’s best negative traits for build 41. Remember that these traits are my personal opinion and can vary from person to person.

Smoker (+4)

As I already mentioned in the best traits, It needs to be mentioned here again.

Rather than being regarded as a negative trait, a Smoker may be viewed as a secret positive. The reason is that smoking cigarette will lower the stress level in addition to its downside, resulting in constant stress gain. Players will be able to keep their anxiety under control as long as they keep up a steady supply of cigarettes in a zombie apocalypse.

Underweight (+6)

With some effort, you can overcome some negative traits in Project Zomboid, which means you can gain points for free. If you eat well and often, you can easily lose underweight and very underweight.

Underweight project zomboid trait results in -1 Fitness. There is a starting weight of 70, and it is only available between the weights of 65 and 75. 80% melee damage. While running, sprinting over low fences, or lunging at zombies, there is a 10% chance of tripping. Tall fence climbs are 85% likely to fail.

Weak Stomach (+3)

Food illness has a 200% chance of occurring. There is a longer recovery time from food illness.

Food illnesses caused by a weak stomach can easily be avoided if you eat carefully. Cooking your food correctly can also mitigate this Negative trait in Project Zomboid.

As long as you stay away from rotten food and only eat safe items once you get a decent base setup, you shouldn’t have too much trouble avoiding weak stomach effects. This should not bother you once you have a decent base setup.

Short-Sighted (+2)

“Small view distance. Slower visibility fade.”

According to the community, being short-sighted is one of the best traits in Project Zomboid. This is because the negative trait appears to have no noticeable effect on the character, despite its description saying it reduces vision. As a result, it contributes to a positive trait with a +2 point.

Slow Reader (+2)

As I mentioned above, this would not be that noticeable. This trait makes your reading speed go down to 70%.

You can speed up the process by clicking the fast-forward button at the top of the screen. We recommend avoiding this button for multiplayer characters since you won’t have access to it in multiplayer.

Even though Slow Reader contributed fewer points than it detracted, the difference won’t matter much since it has no effect. You can use Fast Learner to compensate for your character’s slower reading speed, which won’t take them that much longer to read.

Slow Healer (+6)

When you have a slow healer trait, a fatal injury will be more severe, such as scratches, lacerations, lodged bullets, deep wounds, bites, or fractures, but exercise fatigue will not cause a fatal injury.

Again, this shouldn’t be an issue if you have a good base setup.

It could be considered a negative trait of Project Zomboid, but it is pretty enjoyable. When you are injured, you should rest and avoid combat for a few days to allow your wound to heal.

Putting in a little more effort is necessary to survive, but you are rewarded with more points in return. It is possible to utilize Slow Healer successfully if you have a safe base and enough medical supplies.

Best Positive Traits Tier List in Project Zomboid

Using these project zomboid traits, in the long run, will certainly help you in the game. So let’s have a look at them without any delays.

Dextrous (-2):

50% to inventory transferring time.

It takes a lot of dragging items into and out of the inventory to scavenge and store supplies in Project Zomboid. By boosting the speed of transfer by 50%, the Dexterous trait can save a huge amount of time, unlike in many survival games.

Lucky (-4):

+10% chance of finding rare loot. -5% chance of failing item repairs.

The chance of finding rare loot is 10 percent higher when you are lucky. A box of shotgun shells under the sink or an axe in the second closet are two of the most satisfying discoveries you can make. Whenever I need it, it always gives me exactly what I need. The five percent bonus for repairing success and the improved foraging results are just gravy to me, since zombies are never equipped with sewing needles when they have lacerations that need to be repaired.

Fast Learner (-6):

130% XP for all skills except Strength and Fitness.

In a long-term game, the ability to learn fast is crucial, especially in skills like combat where leveling takes a long time. I would always recommend it.

Are you interested in building a giant fort in the woods? You can build better stuff faster if you are a fast learner. Would you like to be a master chef in this sick sad apocalypse? Fast Learner. Do you want to be able to kill hordes with just a stick or two? Fast Learner.

Wakeful (-2)

-30% less sleep required.

The more hours spent scavenging means more loot gathered every day, and zombies can’t be fought while half asleep. By reducing sleep requirements by 30% for only 2 points, the Wakeful trait allows players to remain active and productive throughout the day.

Best Starting Traits for Project Zomboid

Let’s have a look at project zomboid’s best starting traits.

Project Zomboid Best Positive Traits for Beginners

  1. Keep Hearing
  2. Lucky
  3. Fast Learner
  4. Wakeful
  5. Dexterous

Project Zomboid Best Negative Traits for Beginners

  1. Underweight
  2. Slow Healer
  3. Weak Stomach
  4. Smoker

I hope this project zomboid traits guide was helpful for you and you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it out. Before wrapping this up, let’s quickly have a look at a few FAQs that readers often have:


Final Words

It is more likely that a well-balanced character will survive Project Zomboid for a longer period of time. You will be able to maintain balance throughout your game if you have a good balance of positive and negative traits. The positive and negative traits mentioned above can be viewed.

Is the list useful to you? Can you think of any great traits that we are ignoring? Have any more project zomboid best builds? Let us know what you think in the comments. I wish you all the best out there, survivors!

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