Ancient Root in The Valheim Mistlands (Guide)

Valheim’s massively successful early access survival game will feature Mistlands as one of its biomes. Players can find this biome even though it is not yet fully implemented into the game by traveling far enough away from the spawn point.

ancient roots in the mistlands

You can find some interesting things in the mistlands, including an ancient root. Here’s more about it.

What are Ancient Roots?

With the Mistlands update for Valheim, ancient roots appear to be one of the new types of trees you will be able to explore and hopefully cut down.

The mistlands biome update will introduce a new forsaken boss, new enemies, and materials to the game this year.

Now, if the player decides to head there, they will find some old bones that cannot be interacted with, as well as tall trees and static spiderwebs.

A player will see the word ‘Ancient Root’ when facing one of the giant roots rising from the ground. There will be an opportunity for the player to interact with it in the future.

This is expected to allow the player to earn himself a new type of wood when he cuts down these roots.

There are similarities in both name and shape between the roots and ancient trees that grow in the swamp. Instead of ancient bark, perhaps the player will receive ancient wood from cutting down ancient roots?.

And, assuming this is true, ancient wood would be the fifth type of wood that can be used by the player in Valheim.

Harvesting Ancient Roots in Valheim

In Valheim, it is currently impossible to cut ancient roots. No matter how powerful the player’s tools are, he or she cannot crack the ancient root.

But, it appears that ancient root’s full functionality will be saved for the biome’s full release. Since players are already able to access another unfinished biome, the Ashlands, this could be a good thing.

After that, you’ll harvest flametal ore. Once melted, you’ll obtain flametal. If you are planning to cut down ancient roots, a powerful axe is expected to be required. At least an iron-rated one.

But the developers could even turn it into black metal if they want to make it difficult to access. We believe that an axe of iron level will be sufficient since bronze can chop down every tree in the game.

Final Words

You can check back here to find out how to get the update, or to find another method of cutting down ancient roots after the update is released.

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