Ancient Danger in Rimworld – What it is, Tips & Tricks [Guide]

In this article, we will see what Ancient Danger in Rimworld is.

Let’s see about it in detail.

What is Ancient Danger in Rimworld

You may see an alert on the screen telling you that a colonist has sensed danger while near an ancient wall when playing Rimworld. Therefore, there is a danger in the tile adjacent to the pawn.

Ancient shrines, commonly known as Ancient dangers, are rooms completely enclosed by walls where some form of the hostile enemy will dwell. There are also quite often some ancient loot and frozen soldiers in cryosleep.

Type of Enemies in Ancient Dangers

There can be one of two different types of hostile forces inside ancient dangers. It can either be a group of insects or random mechanoids.

But, there will never be both in ancient danger because these two types of organisms are incompatible.

There are random mechanoids within the ancient danger. These mechanoids can be of any type and number. But usually, there are only four or five.

As a general rule, insects are easier to handle than mechanoids. Moreover, they do not have ranged attacks, making them easier to kill.

You will also need to destroy the insect nest after you have destroyed all of the insects. This will prevent more insects from reproducing.

What are Cryosleep Caskets?

In ancient dangers, cryosleep caskets are more often than not present. The Ancient tribe uses them to store pawns.

Tribes on this map are not affiliated with this tribe, and towns cannot be built for them outside of events. Right-clicking on the cryosleep caskets will open the caskets when you select a pawn.

However, if you choose not to open a casket, all the caskets within the same room will be opened simultaneously. Creating walls and doors around each cryosleep casket will circumvent this automatic process.

It is possible that the occupants of the building will be hostile towards your group immediately. However, they will not attempt to raid your base. While fleeing from the map, they will attack you and never return.

Additionally, they may come out of the procedure unconscious or even dead. It’s also possible to rescue or even capture them to use as recruits if they come out incapacitated.

Loot in Ancient Dangers

As mentioned above, ancient dangers have benefits as well. You can usually find decent loot within them.

Once you’ve defeated the hostile force, explore the area. You can find a variety of things here. Some rare items tend to spawn here, like devilstrands and insanity lances. But, you must take care when dealing with ancient dangers.

Some of the loot inside this room may be destroyed by shots. But, it is not recommended to light fires or use explosives.

The best way to protect precious loot is to set up a kill box before opening the door.

Creating a hallway one tile wide off the room and placing multiple traps in it is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

Final Words

This is all about Ancient Danger in Rimworld. You can use this information to improve your gameplay.

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