How to Access Project Zomboid Cheat (GUIDE)

You’ll need to modify some settings outside the game in order to enable Project Zomboid cheats. And, it can change everything about Project Zomboid.

The game makes for a lot of fun and allows you to modify each aspect of it to your liking. But the game is notoriously challenging to begin with.

The use of cheats can help you become familiar with the mechanics and ease your way into playing.

how to access project zomboid cheat

So here are our steps on how to access Project Zomboid cheats and enable them.

How to Access Project Zomboid Cheat

The game does not have a cheat menu by default. Also, no special cheat codes are required.

And, when playing the game, you cannot enter any cheats into the console. But, you can cheat by setting a certain launch option.

Your first step is to search your Steam library for Project Zomboid. Click on the game to right-click it. Then, navigate to the ‘Properties’ tab.

Go to properties from the right-click menu once you’ve opened it. You will be taken to the game’s properties menu once you select it. By visiting this page, you can sign up for the latest beta, adjust game settings, and more.

But our next step is to open the ‘General’ tab, which is the default. The small text box can be found under ‘Launch Options’. Type in what appears exactly as written:

You can now close the menu and begin playing the game as normal. Start a new game once you’ve reached the main menu.

You can then choose any scenario you like. But, if you haven’t played the game yet with your character, you won’t notice any obvious changes yet.

Using Cheats in Project Zomboid

We can now use a few tools in order to cheat in Project Zomboid and make things a bit easier now that we’ve enabled the debug cheat menu.

In the top left corner of the UI, under the moodlets, you will notice a symbol that appears rather unfamiliar. On the screen, there is now a symbol that looks like a mosquito.

You can cheat in Project Zomboid with this symbol. You can open the debug menu by left-clicking on this little icon. On the screen, you will see a pretty large list of different debug terms when you click to open the menu.

There are a number of ways that a player can modify the game in order to cheat. For instance, the ‘General debuggers’ menu on the first menu.

As a result, you can instantly change the values of your character, such as health, dirt, stamina, thirst, and more, on the fly. Just select “Moodles and Body” from the menu on the left.

It is also possible to toggle various cheats on and off, such as the Health Panel cheat. You will be able to access different cheats in the health panel once you activate the cheat for the health panel.

Project Zomboid Cheat Mod

In addition, a mod that allows easier access to the cheat menu for the game is very popular.

This mod might be for you if you don’t want to worry about setting up the game’s launch options, or you just want easier access to the cheat options.

This mod can be easily installed through Project Zomboid’s Steam Workshop.

You can subscribe to the mod by going to the workshop. As soon as you enter the game, you will be able to select the option labelled ‘Mods’.

This menu allows you to select which mods to enable and disable. Right-click in-game to access it. The cheat menu you’ll find in the game will show you all the options.

Final Words

This is all about project zomboid cheats and how to access them. We hope that now you know about it and can use cheats by yourself.

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