How to Craft Armor in Cryofall (Easy)

how to craft armor in cryofall

There will be some pretty dangerous nights in Cryofall during our first few nights. Additionally, we will have no idea what we are doing. Moreover, we’ll discover that there are things in the world that want to hurt us. Luckily, the player can make and equip a variety of armor to better protect themselves. Armor … Read more

How to Repair Tools and Armor in Cryofall

how to repair tools and armor in cryofall

Crafting survival game players are accustomed to the idea of item durability. The ax we just crafted may be awesome, but it won’t last forever just because we’ve ground enough materials to make it. Items in Cryofall have durability as well. Over time, things will wear down and break. And, this does not only apply … Read more

How to Customize Your Character in Cryofall

how to customize your character in cryofall

In Cryofall, we can create a custom character, as in most survival RPG games. Upon entering the game, players are wondering if they can change the appearance of their character even though they are asked to create one. Fortunately, we can change our appearance at any time in the game. However, this does not only … Read more

How to Farm in Cryofall (Farming Guide)

how to farm in cryofall

Cryofall’s best way to sustain yourself is through farming. Farming in the game allows the player to grow their own crops to eat However. In the beginning, farming can be a little confusing, as can other game mechanics. So, this guide will explain how to begin farming in Cryofall. Thus, you’ll be able to sustain … Read more